Akarone is pleased to offer property management as a new division under its operation, which is led by a highly qualified and expert team. This team will manage all internal and external real estate daily operations to reach the highest level of financial income for owners based on private leasing that are targeting selective segments based on their commitment to payments. Akarone property management team will follow up on the payment collections, and also supervise the status of the buildings to maintain the real estate assets and increase their lifespan; thus, increasing their value.

AkarOne Property Management Division

It consists of specialized groups of managements who work together to achieve the largest financial return from those properties while maintaining their best state:


1.Marketing Management: it consists of a professional team who carries out the commercial and residential real estate marketing operations and complete the leasing and re-leasing operations after visiting the properties to identify the appropriate segments in the following ways:

  • Field Marketing: visiting companies and investors and presenting the leasing units in a coordinated and orderly manner.
  • Office Marketing:   sending email offers after proper coordination and design.
  • Telemarketing: contacting directly the target segment based on the type of property and location.
  • E-marketing:  reaching clients through social media channels.


2.Evaluation Management: A group of officers and field employees who evaluate the market value of both real estate market value and rental value to give owners a transparent picture of the real current value of the property. When there is an increase or decrease in the rental or market value, the tenants will be informed immediately in order to maintain the real income value.



3. Contracts Management: A specialized group that prepares the contracts for customers (owners) and tenants, uploads them on the rental site that belongs to the Ministry of Housing to be approved as well as maintaining contracts for elevators and air conditioning in case of outsourcing.



4.Payment Collection Management: A specialized group that monitors the payments schedule of the tenants. It includes two groups: one that carries out field visits for tenants, and the other sends reminder emails to those tenants.


5.Call Center Management: A specialized group who answers all customers’ inquiries and requests. In the case of urgent maintenance requests, the appropriate action is taken in order to provide the highest level of service to customers and owners.

Supervision and Maintenance management

6.Supervision and Maintenance Management: A professional group that monitors the state of buildings in a scheduled manner and carries out all maintenance necessities to keep the property in the best condition, which reduces the properties’ depreciation and extends their lifespan. Thus, increasing the financial return for the owners. The group also carries other activities that include providing maintenance for elevators and air conditioning, and in some cases, providing security team and electronic gates, preparing cars parking spaces as well as managing any modifications in the internal spaces of the offices.

legal management

7.Legal Management:  A professional team that transfers all defaulters to the judiciary in an orderly manner and follows up on these issues until the receipt of all payment in order to maintain a stable financial level for the owners.


Financial Management

8.Financial Management: An expert group that provides direct and indirect services as follows:

  • Scheduling the payment collections for each building on a regular basis and sending them to the payment collection management.
  • Delivering leasing operations bonds for tenants.
  • Transferring funds to owners consistently.
  • Payment of money in the form of a financial covenant for the maintenance team based on periodic and urgent maintenance operations.
  • Payment of money to the maintenance of air conditioning and elevators companies in the case of outsourcing.
  • Reporting the net income of the owners by sending them regular periodic financial statements showing all the expenses and revenues of the real estate combined with bank statements that detail all the transfers done. This will help the owner to view the status of his real estate fully and clearly at any time. In addition, it can be considered as a professional way to record and archive the income records of those properties and their current values in case the owner wishes to sell his property or buy another property to bring additional income. Electronic Archive Management: A well-organized team that archives all the property details in the form of files per each owner and property separately, so that the property owner can request at any time a full report. The requested files will be sent to the owner by e-mail or in a paper form according to his preferences.


Development and Monitoring Management

9.Development and Monitoring Management: A professional team that conducts studies on the owners’ properties. This increases the basic income of these properties directly through additions, modification, allocation or reconstruction of the property, combined with a special study showing the financial and time cost and the expected financial return.


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