Gulf-Turkish Real Estate Exhibition to focus on investment

ISTANBUL — The 12th Turkish-Gulf Real Estate Exhibition will be held in Hilton Istanbul hotel, Turkey with 55 exhibitors from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, America, and UK. The exhibition will be organized by the Turkish Exhibition Company in partnership with Y&D Real Estate, a specialist in real estate marketing strategies. The diversified real estate exhibition and Gulf-Turkish forum would discuss real estate investment issues and investors’ concerns.

During preparations for launching the exhibition in its 12th edition, Haktan Oztunali, President of the Junior Fair, said: “We are at the top of our enthusiasm and exert our best efforts to hold this exhibition and the Turkish-GCC meeting to activate joint work in this field to contribute to its development and support its contribution to the economic development of the countries.

“We appreciate and value the strategic partnership with Y&D Real Estate, which is specialized in real estate marketing strategies, with a comprehensive experience in studying and analyzing the obstacles of real estate organizations and turning them into opportunities using communication strategies, in addition to its e-marketing influence through its specialized social media accounts @KEngagement which has 7 million followers from Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries”.

He added that communication strategies of Y&D Real Estate would help us to accomplish our mission in innovation and confidence to meet the desires of investors between the two countries.

“We are seeking to harness both our local and international expertise in the field of real estate investment to organize a reputable summit and exhibition dealer in Turkey for the current year, ” said Younus Inayat, Chief Executive Officer of Y&D Real Estate.

The opportunity to address key economic and real estate investment issues in the region among exhibitors, investors and participants are the biggest challenges. In addition to being known for a strong stance on issues that matter to them, we offer our ultimate support to all parties through extensive planning coupled with our strong social relationships and a solid collaboration. We seek to create outcomes that contribute directly to long-term positive impacts on this event.

Saudis took second place after the Iraqis in terms of foreigners’ real estate buying in Turkey in August last year. Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) published data on sales in the real estate industry of Turkey where 1,512 properties including 390 lands and buildings sold in Istanbul. In terms of real estate sales in general, the data indicated that it had increased during the month of August 2017 by 41 percent as compared to the month of July 2017, indicating that the number of properties sold in August 2017 climbed to 114,751 properties throughout Turkey.

With Turkey’s increasing economic integration with the rest of the world, this annual real estate exhibition in Turkey is an important event for investors who want to buy or sell real estate in Turkish territory, as it offers the opportunity to foreign developers and investors as well as companies and individuals in the Gulf States and beyond. — SG


London’s property market worth twice the combined value of the nine other largest UK cities

London Skyline including The Shard

London’s property market is now worth more than £1.5tn, an increase of 1.54pc in the past 12 months, according to fresh figures released on Thursday.

Despite subdued house price growth in the capital over the past year, the market is more than twice as valuable as the combined worth of property assets in the next nine largest cities and towns in the UK: Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Reading, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Glasgow.

Property portal Zoopla, which produced the figures by combining the value of all residential property in Britain’s top 10 largest cities, found that Bristol ranks as the second most valuable property market with a total value of £115bn, the only UK city, aside from London, to surpass the £100bn mark.

Glasgow, which has witnessed one of the largest growth rates of all UK cities in the past year, follows in third place with a property market value of £90.75bn, significantly higher than the total value of Scotland’s capital Edinburgh, which comes sixth on the list with a total house market value of £68.27bn.


 Within each city, Zoopla found that highly affluent neighborhoods contribute significantly more than any other to the city’s total property wealth. In the capital, property in SW1 – which covers Belgravia, Pimlico, and Westminster – holds a total value of £54.57bn, which is almost as much as the entire city of Sheffield (£55.67bn).

Birmingham’s B13 (covering Moseley and Billesley) the city’s most valuable area with a total value of £3.97bn, while M20 (covering Didsbury and Withington) takes the top spot for Manchester at £6.48bn.

Zoopla’s Lawrence Hall said: It comes as no surprise that London is significantly more valuable as a residential property market than any other British city.

“However, the data does show that, in comparison to cities further north and across the Scottish border, the rate of growth in London has slowed. The capital may be worth almost 10 times more than Sheffield, but Britain’s Steel City wins in the growth rate stakes.”

Sheffield’s property market has recorded the highest growth rate (5.63pc) of any British city, followed by Glasgow (5.38pc) and Manchester (4.49pc), Zoopla found. Reading follows London as the second slowest city for property value growth with just a 2.37pc increase over the past 12 months.

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