Why invest?

  • The assets’ value appreciate every year.
  • Investors have excellent exit security as resales are greatly achievable.
  • Farmlands are fully-managed by a professional Agri-team
  • Lands are fully-freehold and inheritable.

Why Almond and
Walnut Farmlands?

  • Golden Chandler walnut prices go up every year.
  • Almonds are a highly demanded dry nut for its various purposes and its price in the global market is expected to grow 4.6% over the next 4 years.
  • There is low production of both almonds and walnuts, which makes them highly demanded in the global market.
  • Almond and walnut trees can be planted successfully only in specific regions with specific climate criteria.

What are the benefits?

  • Up to 15.5% return on investment for the first 10 years, and up to 28.6% after the 10th year.
  • Easy payment options (30% Down payment, 24 months installments).
  • Standard or fractional freehold farmlands.
  • Long shelf-life with storage and distribution.
  • Qualified water and soil test results